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This course has...

  • 37 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video
  • Study at your own pace
  • Practice 10 minutes a day
  • 4 downloadable resources
  • Lifetime access

This course is for…

Professionals who speak English as a second language who want to accelerate their career.

Students struggling to be understood who want to be graduate ready with good English pronounciation

Aspiring presenters who need to ensure they are clearly understood.

Learn any English sound in 2 minutes

What You'll Learn

  • Speak Clearly

You will be able to speak clearly the sounds that you have problems with at the moment that cause communication difficulties.

  • Correct Yourself

You will have the knowledge that if you relapse in the future you will know how to correct yourself and practise.

  • Speak Confidently

You will have the confidence that when you speak in business or in private that you will be understood.

  • Learn Effortlessly

You will know how to learn effortlessly instead of learning through stressful hard work.

Your Teacher Ian Stanford

Ian Stanford has a degree in adult education, a graduate certificate in TESOL, a diploma in training assessment, and 2 Certificate 4s in TESOL. He specialises in IELTS and pronunciation. He is also a Toastmaster and teaches public speaking.

Originally he ran multiple travel agencies and was in the top 20% in Australia. He is now a teacher and has been for 15 years and has been teaching public speaking for 10 years.

Ian’s passion in life is interacting with and discovering different cultures worldwide. As a travel agent, he traveled all over the world to discover different cultures. As a teacher, the cultures come to him in the classroom and online.

Take a look at the full program content:

Module 1: The Vowels


Learn the easy way

Pronounce the i sound

Pronounce the schwa sound

Pronounce the other vowel sounds

Hear the differences between E and i

Practice the i and schwa sounds

Practice the a and u sounds

Module 2: The Consonants

Introduction to the th sounds

Pronounce the f and v sounds

Pronounce the l sound

Pronounce the r sound

Pronounce the P and b sounds

Pronounce the ch and j sounds

Pronounce the k (c) and g sounds

Pronounce the s and z sounds

Pronounce the sh and zh sounds

Pronounce the m sound

Pronounce the n sound

Pronounce the ng sound

Pronounce the h sound

Pronounce the w sound

Pronounce the y sound

Module 3: Practising

They polyglots

10 minutes a day



Record yourself and listen

Listen to videos many times

English buddy

Sing in English

Slow down and pause

Module 4: Materials

Practice with Breaking News English

Practice with Ted Talks

Video and TV resources

Here’s what our students say...

Charley West


The course is extremely well-structured, and the teaching method employed is both efficient and effective. The instructor offers an in-depth understanding of the nuances involved in English pronunciation, doing so in a way that is engaging, easy to comprehend, and, most importantly, straightforward to apply in everyday conversation. The bite-sized video format makes the learning experience highly digestible, allowing students to easily grasp and practice the phonetics of the English language at their own pace. The instructor's clear and patient approach makes learning enjoyable and relatable. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone aiming to perfect their English pronunciation in a fast and effective manner. A truly transformative experience!

Steven Fernando

Phibie Aniston


Thank you ! Your videos have greatly improved my speaking!! LOVE IT!! Highly recommended this videos easy to understand and follow.

Welly Viani

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